Governing Her Heart (Book 4)

Forced to live a double life, she’s given up on love until her cover is blown and the whole world finds out.

Seeking political reform to make a real impact on her constituents’ lives, ice-queen Debbie Bruce is a strong woman who doesn’t take any prisoners. 

As a well-known politician and closeted lesbian, she’s been forced to give up on her love life to further her career and focus on her re-election campaign. 

But living a secret life absent of affection, leads her to look for other ways to fulfill her intimate desires. 

Dreaming of a better life, Cheryl Matthews is a high class escort who knows how to satisfy her clients, while remaining discrete. Using her gorgeous toned body and sharp wits, her focus is to earn and save her way into a better life.

So the prospect of taking on a new high wealth client, especially one like Debbie with curves to die for, sounds like a dream come true. 

But when Debbie’s cover is blown and her love life makes front-page headlines with her face all over the news, how will both women react to the situation?

Governing Her Heart is a heart pumping billionaire lesbian romance featuring an age-gap couple and a happily ever after. Each book in the series can be read alone, but are more fun when read together.

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