Minding Her Business book cover

Minding Her Business (Book 5)

A failed marriage, an irresistible boss and a roller coaster love life welcomes her to a dream job in fashion. I needed this to go well. I’d been searching for a job for what felt like a lifetime. All I wanted was some little assistant job, somewhere in the realm of fashion. I just wanted to get my foot in … Read more

Governing Her Heart Book Cover

Governing Her Heart (Book 4)

Forced to live a double life, she’s given up on love until her cover is blown and the whole world finds out. Seeking political reform to make a real impact on her constituents’ lives, ice-queen Debbie Bruce is a strong woman who doesn’t take any prisoners.  As a well-known politician and closeted lesbian, she’s been forced to give up on … Read more

Something About Her book cover

Something About Her (Book 3)

Trapped in a dead end job, she’s ready to give up on a better life until a new hire walks in and there’s something about her. I didn’t know how it had happened… but five long years had passed since I first started working at Jennings Beauty. I’d gotten my degree. I’d moved into my own, small apartment. I was … Read more

Breaking Her Rules book cover

Breaking Her Rules (Book 2)

Meeting her idol takes her life in a direction she could have never expected. Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. The most important year of my life. I know I should be focusing on my last year of undergrad: practicing my essay skills, studying for exams, and planning which law schools I will be applying for. But that’s … Read more

Indulging Her book cover

Indulging Her (Book 1)

On the verge of bankruptcy a chance encounter leads to an offer she can’t refuse. I’m going to be ruined. Bankrupt! My childhood dream of running my own bakery shattered. What was I thinking trying to run a business all by myself? I don’t know anything about marketing, financial planning, sales or budgeting.  But I also can’t imagine doing anything … Read more

Behind the Scenes book cover

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