Indulging Her (Book 1)

On the verge of bankruptcy a chance encounter leads to an offer she can’t refuse.

I’m going to be ruined. Bankrupt! My childhood dream of running my own bakery shattered. What was I thinking trying to run a business all by myself? I don’t know anything about marketing, financial planning, sales or budgeting. 

But I also can’t imagine doing anything else.

What am I going to do? I’ve already put everything I had into this bakery. All my savings, my heart, blood, sweat and tears. Now I’m doomed.

And all this was before the big, chain bakery opened its doors across the street from mine.

That’s when I met Jackie Powell while working an upmarket catering job on the side. 

Her gorgeous red hair, long toned legs and stunning curves caught my attention. Her confidence, demeanor and mouth watering scent made me forget about all my troubles. If only for a moment.

Gone were the thoughts of home and pajamas. Now all I can focus on is her plump, glossy, kissable lips.

Was this for real? Could something good come from this terrible situation? Was I going to meet the woman of my dreams tonight?

Indulging Her is a heart pumping lesbian romance featuring a billionaire, an age-gap relationship and a happily ever after.

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