Minding Her Business (Book 5)

A failed marriage, an irresistible boss and a roller coaster love life welcomes her to a dream job in fashion.

I needed this to go well.

I’d been searching for a job for what felt like a lifetime. All I wanted was some little assistant job, somewhere in the realm of fashion. I just wanted to get my foot in the door and start my career.

But it wasn’t going that well. Hundreds of applications, hours spent on my laptop staring at that glowing white screen.

When I received an email back from Kings & Queens, I couldn’t believe my luck. Finally, someone was giving me a chance!

My first day on the job started off so well. Everyone was friendly, the atmosphere was welcoming and calm…

The only problem was my boss. Not only was she a chaotic mess, but she was hauntingly attractive, with deep brown hair and ocean blue eyes and porcelain pale skin.

I tried my best not to be attracted to her. It was unlikely that she’d be a lesbian too, considering she was going through a messy divorce with her husband. Besides, what would she want with me, her lowly assistant? She could have anyone she wanted.

Not like I’d ever get that lucky, anyway. I’d used up my entire year’s luck just getting the damn job.

Lightning wouldn’t strike twice, would it?

Minding Her Business is a heart pumping billionaire lesbian romance featuring an age-gap couple and a happily ever after. Each book in the series can be read alone, but are more fun when read together.

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